Your Questions Answerered

What do I need to bring?

Babies changing bag with nappies etc, changing mat or blanket to lie your baby on for massage.

What oils will be used?

We use vegetable oil in class. Oils used for babies need to be edible because babies will naturally put their hands in their mouths.Other oils can be tried at home, we discuss the different options in class.

What if my baby cries durring class?

I encourage parents to feel at ease during class and meet their babies needs. So if you need to feed your baby, change a nappy,or walk around with your baby don't worry. You can either watch or I can repeat anything you have missed. In each class massage movements are repeated from the time before so you are confident in using the techniques at home.

What if my baby is asleep during class?

I have spare dolls for parents to use if their baby is asleep.

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