Back massageIt may seem like Infant massage is the latest fad; but in fact it has been used for many years in many different cultures.

For your baby it is much more than an enjoyable experience: it is a tool for maintaining their health and well being on many levels.

For you the parent, infant massage enables deeper communication and expertise on your baby.

In our baby massage classes, you will also benefit from:

  • Learning to identify baby cues and communication.
  • One to one quality time and early contact with both parents.
  • Discussions on parenting topics such as crying/sleeping or maybe a topic suggested by a parent.
  • Helps to stimulate relaxation hormones.
  • Enhancing parent/baby communication.
  • Meeting other parents. Many stay in touch once the course has finished.

Tiny handAnd for your baby it will help to:-

  • Encourage relaxation and promote deeper sleep.
  • Aid digestion and circulation.
  • Relieve wind and colic.
  • Develop  muscle tone and co-ordination.
  • Strengthen the bond between with parent.
  • Enhance parent/baby communication.

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